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Details Measurements-in-Wound-Healing-Science-and-Practice

Measurement of Wound Healing will update the knowledge base and promote the use of measurements in order to improve both understanding of wounds and their management. This book will feature well used vascular measurements, pathological measurements ...

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Details Clinical-Autonomic-Dysfunction-Measurement-Indications-Therapies-and-Outcomes

Measurement, Indications, Therapies, and OutcomesGebundenes BuchThis book presents the concepts underlying the measurement of parasympathetic and sympathetic (P&S) activity in the autonomic nervous system and the application of these measurements in ...

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Details Measurement-Theory-for-Engineers-Engineering-Online-Library

Measurement Theory for Engineers A textbook on industrial applications of Statistical Measurement Theory. It deals with the principal issues of measurement theory. It includes topics that starts with an informal introduction followed by an example ...

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Details Traffic-Measurement-on-the-Internet-SpringerBriefs-in-Computer-Science

Broschiertes BuchTraffic Measurement on the Internet presents several novel online measurement methods that are compact and fast. Traffic measurement provides critical real-world data for service providers and network administrations to perform ...

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Details Emotion-Measurement-

Gebundenes BuchEmotion Measurement reviews academic and applied studies in order to highlight key elements of emotions which should be considered in the development and validation of newer commercial methods of emotion measurement. The goal of the ...

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Details Radiation-Detection-and-Measurement

[{ Radiation Detection and Measurement By Knoll, Glenn F ( Author ) Aug - 16- 2010 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Controlling-Software-Projects-Management-Measurement-and-Estimates-Management-Measurement-and-Estimation-Yourdon-Press

Controlling Software Projects Suggests quantitative methods for estimating software development time, describes various system models, and explains how to gather numerical information about a project Full description

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Details Measurement-for-Software-Control-and-Assurance

No Measurement for Software Control and Assurance Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Sampling-for-the-Measurement-of-Odours-Scientific-and-Technical-Report-No-17-Scientific-Technical-Reports-Band-17

Sampling for Measurement of Odours "Sampling for Measurement of Odours" reviews European and other internationally available research studies to understand odour sampling and measurement practice in waste applications. Full description

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Details Companion-Guide-To-Measurement-And-Evaluation-For-Kinesiology

[ Companion Guide to Measurement and Evaluation for Kinesiology Tomchuk, David ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2010

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Details Investment-Performance-Measurement-Frank-J-Fabozzi-Series

Many investment books include a chapter or two on investment performance measurement or focus on a single aspect, but only one book addresses the breadth of the field. Investment Performance Measurement is a comprehensive guide that covers the ...

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Details Managing-Bank-Capital-Capital-Allocation-and-Performance-Measurement

[{ Managing Bank Capital: Capital Allocation and Performance Measurement By Matten, Christopher ( Author ) May - 23- 2000 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Understanding-Ultrasonic-Level-Measurement

Ultrasonics is a reliable and proven technology for level measurement. It has been used for decades in many diverse industries such as water treatment, mining, aggregates, cement, and plastics. Ultrasonics provides superior inventory accuracy, process ...

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Details Multidimensional-Poverty-Measurement-and-Analysis

Gebundenes BuchA systematic conceptual, theoretical, and methodological introduction to multi-dimensional poverty measurement and analysis. It provides a lucid overview of the problems that a range of multidimensional techniques can address and sets ...