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Details Reexamining-Deconstruction-and-Determinate-Religion-Toward-a-Religion-with-Religion

"Draws on both continental and analytic philosophy to challenge the prominent paradigm of a 'religion without religion' proposed in a deconstructive philosophy of religion; the authors offer instead a philosophical basis for practicing determinate ...

113,99 EUR*
Details Religion-in-the-Roman-Empire-Blackwell-Ancient-Religions

[{ Religion in the Roman Empire (Blackwell Ancient Religions) By Rives, James B ( Author ) Jun - 05- 2006 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Religion-20-A-New-Religion-for-a-New-Day

Religion 2.0 presents a new religion for a new day: Contemporary Theism. The followers of this new religion meet weekly in Co-Creator Communities. If you are frustrated or sad about the spiritual options available from today's religious and secular ...